museo artes decorativas fine art museum museo artes decorativas, vedado, habana cuba museo de artes decorativas Vedado, habana cuba museo artes decorativas, Vedado, Habana Cuba

fine art museum vedado, havana, Cuba Art lovers will find closed homesickness about gone ages when Cuban bourgeoisie was fixing style's age tracking at the 17th street Palacette in Vedado section, old Count of Revilla Camargo's residence, today Decorative Art Museum.

Project was sketched in Paris by French architects P. Virad and M. Destugue, under the direction of Cuban architect Alberto Camacho and decoration also by the Jansen House, of the French capital where the only used Cuban material was the wood for doors and windows made in carved mahogany. The elegant simplicity of the facade, of a rested classicism, is full of beauty, clear and energized.

With a centered body, balconies and terraces, made with practical and functional architecture,fine art museum vedado, havana, Cubafaithful testimony of how the constructors knew to incorporate the elegant and polished curves to the stereometry of the clear classic forms. The building with two plants, beautifully provided and structured with harmony (constructed between 1924 and 1927, and restructured near by the 30 decade have been restored again in 2003) and gathers part of the history of the Cuban bourgeoisie. The interior, the lobby and facade has been restored, for almost practically have its original shine.

It is one of the most singular museums of the American continent, possibly only in Latin America and in addition to his rich cultural and historical meaning, it is a scope for the visual contemplation.

The museum feature 23 collections and near 35 thousand pieces in its stock, whose main attractive till the moment, is related with French XVIII century. Part of the objects belonged to Revilla Camargo and Oscar B. Cintas own collections, and are located through both floors which conform the building.fine art museum vedado, havana, Cuba

The luxuriant artistic wealth that decorates walls and ceilings, the wealth of the furniture due to cabinetmakers as important as Chippendale or the French Boudin, Chevalier, Simoneau and others and the fine porcelains of Sévres, Chantilly, Meissen, Limoges or the English manufactures of Standforshire and Wedgwood, carry most visitor into the scope of the private life of Gómez Mena, Cintas and some other who owned the institution stock.

An own micro-world of elegance has been created here, frivolity and pure materiality have few referrals with the reality outsider. Everything oscillate between exquisite and the monstrosity, the filigreed thing, china porcelains so fashionable in the Rococo; feelings to enjoy the life with real intensity, summarized in pieces of sensual surfaces that demand caresses.

El The museum route is circling, leaving the building by where you got inside. After to get the decorative inner step way to the second floor and left back the clear lobby and two great linen cloths of Hubert Robert, gobelinos can be appreciated on the dinning room with walls covered by Italian marbles, with a dinning table served for 24 persons and trophies of mercury plate bronze with allegories and attributes Regency style. fine art museum vedado, havana, Cuba

Eleven rooms the museum feature and their wonders cannot be checked in single a visit: the aesthetic irradiation and the expressively that emanates of these collections talk with the spectator. Small cards discreetly placed advise into the qualities, time and other details. Location have been used with intelligence taking chance from architectural distribution and no pieces interferes to another one, since the successive series of the rooms flock the rectilinear and visual axes for the spectator, on the contrary, the doors are faced in such a way that the glance with transverse axes and diagonals in which displayed cabinets have been placed that seem to engage in a dialog to each other over the borders of the time and the styles.
fine art museum vedado, havana, Cuba

History have been personalized becomes a concentrated exhibition of forms and styles without line of the styles and if sometimes space disposition and thematic content do not agree, the decorative presentation finishes emphasizing unforgettable moments of gone times.

fine art museum vedado, havana, CubaThe treasure that has been owned for 40 years now is shown, permanently or cyclical exhibited, showing different art stages and world-wide manufacturing The museum is in addition a research center and its benefits are used by foreign and national visitors. In this monument to the air and the fickleness of the classic forms of contemporary artistic exhibitions give opportunities to newer art and creators who potentially are the future collectables.

Worldwide visitors can enjoy in such special museum which feature a treasure of great historical-artistic meaning that increases its volumes with gifts, acquisitions and very selective transferences and in which is not necessary a previous coordination, just arrives by yourself at the door and ask for a guide ... and without more introduction you’ll have access to all history and wealth.

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